Eco friendly Packaging Tips for Resellers

I am as bare bones as it gets with my posh packages, I do my best to keep my impact low but I am not immune to pretty packaging. Sure it's pretty and certainly gets you more love notes but is it really worth it? Most of the packaging sent to buyers is immediately discarded, these tips can help you avoid contributing to the landfill with your packaging. 

1. Fold it, ship it. Yeah I know this may be too extreme for some but if you can stomach a few less love notes and maybe a few 4 star reviews well then just nix the fancy packaging all together. It will save you money and cut down on trash. 

2. Stop taping tissue paper. Tissue paper rips very easily and adding tape just ensures that it will happen, once it has ripped its very unlikely that your buyer will reuse it for another package. Give it a fighting chance to be used once again.

3. Don't sign your thank you notes. Keep it simple and sweet and don't add anything that would render it unusable by the buyer. Less is more and hopefully your buyer will use that note in one of their packages. *I have made this template that you can use and hopefully it will be reused and also gain you some followers in the process.

4. Don't wash before shipping. I know this will be a controversial subject and I have heard both sides. But if the item is clean, doesn't have any smells or stains then don't wash it. Why not? Because the number one negative impact on the environment from fashion comes from laundering clothing.   Also most buyers launder clothing before they will wear it, so does it really need to be washed twice? To be very clear I am not saying you should send out dirty clothes, if it looks dirty wash it but if not skip it. 

5. Say it with a stamp. Invest in a stamp that has your closet name and a "Thank you" so you can stamp your package for instant branding. It avoids using a piece of paper for a thank you note and if they reuse the package then you may gain another follower or two. If they want to reuse the package and don't want your stamp to show all they have to do is tape the label over your stamp.

6. Use a thermo printer. Ink is one of the most expensive liquids on earth, far more expensive per ounce than you would expect. So save yourself some money and use a thermo printer which uses heat to print, the initial cost is higher but per year you can save hundreds of dollars. Not to mention you save paper and tons of tape if you use sticky label thermo paper. I have the Dymo XL and you can see my video on how to print your posh labels here.

I hope you found these tips helpful, if you have any Eco friendly packaging tips of your own please leave them in the comments. I am always looking for more ways to cut down on my footprint.

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Reseller Tips on Using Poshmark's Dressing Room Feature

By now you have had a chance to toy around with the dressing room feature that Poshmark launched last week. But how do you use it to your advantage without driving buyers crazy? 

1. Use your direct shares wisely. You are building foundation with your buyer, be selective and share with the buyers best interest in mind. 

2. Find buyers who are already interested in the same item or style that you have available. Think of it as a direct marketing campaign, you have the ability to target your specific demographic; someone who has already liked a similar/the same item.

3. Search available listings for your item/similar items. Be as descriptive as possible. For example use the same brand, color, style, and size of what you have available in your closet. Sort by newest, open and find buyers who liked each item then direct share your item to them. They're fresh and looking for an item similar to the one they liked, use that to your advantage.

4. Follow and share anyone who likes or bundles an item from your closet. These are the buyers who are already interested in your closet. Connect with them while your closet is fresh in their minds. 

A few things you shouldn't do:

Don't share things that aren't in the buyers size, if you don't know ask or better yet look in their closet for their size. Don't share too soon, if someone liked your item yesterday don't share it to them today. If someone passes on your direct share do not share it to them again, they're not interested in the item. If they were they would have liked or bundled your item. 

These are my tips and observations so far, for day to day updates check out my Instagram story @OrnamentalStone. 

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