Ruehl was a short lived brand under the Abercrombie & Fitch umbrella, after 5 years the company pulled the plug. The brand was meant to compete with J. Crew and Polo but failed to do so. Because of its limited production some pieces can be highly sought after, but others especially ones that resemble A&F will sit in your inventory. 

Take it if:

  • You spy leather, their leather pieces have retained their value. If you're lucky enough to come across one of their men's leather bomber jackets grab it quick! Leather bombers can sell for up to $699, even with some wear you can bet on about $250.
  • It is a mens sweater with a cashmere wool blend, these tend to be the thicker or knit. You can expect to get up to $150 if the sweater is NWT or EUC.
  • It's menswear because it sells better than womenswear overall.
  • You find a leather bag, there is a cult following for their leather purses which hold up well over time. NWT you can get up to $240, but beware the price steadily goes down with signs of wear. 
  • You find one of their fragrances, any discontinued fragrance can draw in long time lovers willing to pay big bucks to get it. 
  • You find very distressed jeans, the type that were made that way and not necessarily distressed from a lot of wear. In specific there are a few types made that were frayed down the front of both legs in large patches. It should have minimal to moderate breakage in the threads.

Leave it if:

  • It's a basic, it just doesn't sell well and you would be lucky to get $10. 
  • It resembles A&F too much, items that look just like the ones you could and still can get from A&F will sit in your inventory. 
  • It's a mid range item that is not in EUC, don't bother taking blazers, sweaters, jeans, and tees unless they are in EUC. The resale value varies greatly and items are more saturated allowing buyers to be choosier when it comes to style and condition. 



Please leave any questions, comments, suggestions, or additions below. Thank you!


Unboxing Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 Everything

Click to buy your own kit through Sephora

Click to buy your own kit through Sephora


By now you have heard the buzz and seen the endless amount of pins using Pat McGrath's Metalmorphosis kit. Well its finally here! And I have unboxed it in all of its glory, oh the glamour! You can watch the entire video below, but basically a brown box shows up and a lifetime worth of sequins comes out. I haven't dared to swatch them yet for fear of regret but the FOMO is weighing in too.

Pat and the team sure know how to make an entrance but for the actual packaging they took a no frills approach. Lightweight plastic and a simple plain sticker, but its whats inside that counts. After all these are bound to be empty by the end of holiday season with all of the tutorials that I have planned!

If you missed out on purchasing the kit you still have one more chance to get it through Sephora online and in store Nov. 22nd (click the photo above).

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NYX Grand Opening

I arrived at 6:30am hoping there wouldn't already be a massive line for the 9am opening. There were only two girls ahead of me, both had traveled from NJ on a 4:30am train. "I'm here to see Ourfa, she never comes to the east coast." The excitement was real, though slightly toned down by the fact that her friend had wet paint across her pants *my friend later reported that it was also on her coat. I almost had the same fate, luckily I touched the wall first and discovered my hand was covered in paint. Had it gotten on my lululemon leggings it would have ended the day. I wondered what genius decided to paint the wall that night next to where over 250 people would line up for the opening.

Ready for makeup, meet and greets, and of course SWAG!

My friend arrived at 7 and hopped into line with us, we drank Starbucks and chatted about why we came so early. One girl pulled out a blanket for all of us to sit on, they did their makeup and we all told stories for two hours. It was a perfect dose of female bonding.

250 Beauty Enthusiasts

At several points we were asked by staff what time we came and then played into the cameras and cheered when asked. Some of us were ushered into a line closer to the door where they cut our wristbands (to some it was very upsetting to lose their souvineir). Then came the swag, big pink lips with a nude on nude natural look kit inside. Cool! And not to forget the scratcher for a chance at the $100 NYX shopping spree. Mine read $5 off your purchase (I didn't get to use it...).

Next we were told that there was tea and coffee as well as snacks inside as well as more prizes be had. Who doesn't like that? A brand Ambassador came around and asked us to post #NYXCOSMETICSUSQ to score a tote bag. We all obliged and score we did it had a bonus Baked Shadow in Belle and a pocket mirror. 


Once the ribbon was cut we shuffled in single file, and that's all you could fit. We were greeted by loud cheering and the store was filled with MUAs, men in suits, and a bevy managers wearing blue lipstick and glitter eyeshadow... it was a bit overwhelming. A few minutes after we came in the tea and mini muffins disappeared, that's right I didn't get a muffin, I guess they needed the space.

The store has over 2,000 NYX products, it's pretty amazing. It is merchandised beautifully and the staff was very helpful. I dodged others and employees trying to make my way from section to section, occasionally swatching a lipstick or bronzer. I finally asked for some help on finding a contouring solution, something that would be easy and also not make me look like an oil painting. I was told to go with their contour pallet, she showed me how to apply it and also demonstrated a primer and foundation. "The power will feel lighter than the cream, when you sweat it just absorbs it." I liked it but wasn't convinced to buy it. I did however take home the glitter and glitter primer that she was wearing as eyeshadow.

I finished up by 10am and took my loot to the counter, I was careful to make sure I had at least $75 worth so I could get the "free" mini train case. When I was wrung up my total was $82, I tried to use my $5 off coupon but was told it would bring me below the $75 (pre tax). I asked if I could have gotten something else but she had already processed me and I didn't want to bother trying to reverse the transaction. 

I walked out feeling good but ready for a nap. I'd definitely check it out again after the madness is over. If you want to grab some swag and feel the excitement you still have time to head over this weekend.

Saturday, October 29 @ 9AM
Sunday, October 30 @ 10AM

More info from NYX Cosmetics: Enjoy surprise giveaways and more! The first 300 in line each day get a FREE limited edition NYX Makeup Bag*, with a chance to win a $100 shopping spree + other prizes!** And, snag a FREE NYX Mini Train Case with any purchase of $75+.*** Plus, enjoy exclusive meet & greets with your favorite BEAUTY VLOGGERS and INSTAGRAM STARS!**** 

See rules here:


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We're Amuzed

Just imagine, stumbling upon a site that has Balenciaga wedges for the same price as Steve Madden's. This isn't some fairytale, it's an online daily sale site called Amuze

Because we are forever in shopping mode finding Amuze just seemed like finding yet another flash sale site. And lets be honest were tired of the "sales", frankly they're rarely anything better than an end of season sale at the original store. This is certainly not the case with Amuze, care to see what we scored? Mind you it would have been much more had everything not been sold out!

Balenciaga Espadrille Wedge $195

Balenciaga Espadrille Wedge $195

Saint Laurent Tribute Eelskin $325

Saint Laurent Tribute Eelskin $325

We did manage to snatch up the last remaining pairs in both styles above, however you can always opt to get an email if anything is restocked or returned. Ok so one last thing to make you get excited... right now you can get free shipping for the next 48hrs. Doesn't seem like a big deal but UPS ground shipping cost us almost $18 when we ordered. 

Here are a few more of their insane deals as if you weren't already convinced. Their next sale, "Designer Bags" (very mysterious), starts at 9pm tonight. 

Chloe Marcie Medium Satchel $850 SOLD OUT

Chloe Marcie Medium Satchel $850 SOLD OUT

Valentino Rockstud Bow Pumps $225  - 1 Pair left!

Valentino Rockstud Bow Pumps $225  - 1 Pair left!