So you decided to get a jump on your Spring cleaning, bravo, now what to do with that trash bag full of clothes... The way we see it you have oh so many wonderful options but if you have no space and no time to store and sell then LiQUICKdate it with one of the options below.

Option 1: For the super saint, DONATE DONATE DONATE, it is by far the quickest and easiest way to rid yourself of the excess. Depending on where you live it's as easy as driving up and dropping off, HEY - don't forget your receipt - seriously its money in your tax paying pocket.

The Salvation Army has a nifty GUIDE on how much your clothing can fetch for charity. Here in NYC our favorite donation spot is Housing Works, click to see just how much good they can do with just $400. Besides what is more chic than philanthropy? Do not even start talking about the new Dior mini pleat skirts, shhhhhh.

Option 2: Make the rounds, almost every city has a resale shop or two, lug that bag in and let them buy what you no longer need. Shop while you wait, if you dare, you could find yourself scoring big. When they finish buying you usually have two options, cashing out - CACHING!!! - or trading your clothing for theirs and getting a higher percentage of the resale value.

Beacons Closet offers 35% in cash of the items resale value or 55% in trade value, Buffalo Exchange is 30% and 50%, Crossroads is 35% and 50%, each store has it specialties, yes we will have an article on that. 

Option 3: Ship it out, thats right you don't even have to leave home. - ahem that means you can keep your Netflix Friends marathon going - Use The Real Real for higher end consignment or the app Twice for contemporary items. 

Both offer free shipping, aren't those words magical?

If the snow isn't encouraging you to Spring clean just yet we get it, but don't let the ground hog pop up wearing that new Tory Burch dress you could have bought with your extra pocket change.