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Ruehl was a short lived brand under the Abercrombie & Fitch umbrella, after 5 years the company pulled the plug. The brand was meant to compete with J. Crew and Polo but failed to do so. Because of its limited production some pieces can be highly sought after, but others especially ones that resemble A&F will sit in your inventory. 

Take it if:

  • You spy leather, their leather pieces have retained their value. If you're lucky enough to come across one of their men's leather bomber jackets grab it quick! Leather bombers can sell for up to $699, even with some wear you can bet on about $250.
  • It is a mens sweater with a cashmere wool blend, these tend to be the thicker or knit. You can expect to get up to $150 if the sweater is NWT or EUC.
  • It's menswear because it sells better than womenswear overall.
  • You find a leather bag, there is a cult following for their leather purses which hold up well over time. NWT you can get up to $240, but beware the price steadily goes down with signs of wear. 
  • You find one of their fragrances, any discontinued fragrance can draw in long time lovers willing to pay big bucks to get it. 
  • You find very distressed jeans, the type that were made that way and not necessarily distressed from a lot of wear. In specific there are a few types made that were frayed down the front of both legs in large patches. It should have minimal to moderate breakage in the threads.

Leave it if:

  • It's a basic, it just doesn't sell well and you would be lucky to get $10. 
  • It resembles A&F too much, items that look just like the ones you could and still can get from A&F will sit in your inventory. 
  • It's a mid range item that is not in EUC, don't bother taking blazers, sweaters, jeans, and tees unless they are in EUC. The resale value varies greatly and items are more saturated allowing buyers to be choosier when it comes to style and condition. 



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