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Unboxing Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 Everything

Click to buy your own kit through Sephora

Click to buy your own kit through Sephora


By now you have heard the buzz and seen the endless amount of pins using Pat McGrath's Metalmorphosis kit. Well its finally here! And I have unboxed it in all of its glory, oh the glamour! You can watch the entire video below, but basically a brown box shows up and a lifetime worth of sequins comes out. I haven't dared to swatch them yet for fear of regret but the FOMO is weighing in too.

Pat and the team sure know how to make an entrance but for the actual packaging they took a no frills approach. Lightweight plastic and a simple plain sticker, but its whats inside that counts. After all these are bound to be empty by the end of holiday season with all of the tutorials that I have planned!

If you missed out on purchasing the kit you still have one more chance to get it through Sephora online and in store Nov. 22nd (click the photo above).

Posted on November 19, 2016 and filed under Beauty.