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Reseller Tips on Using Poshmark's Dressing Room Feature

By now you have had a chance to toy around with the dressing room feature that Poshmark launched last week. But how do you use it to your advantage without driving buyers crazy? 

1. Use your direct shares wisely. You are building foundation with your buyer, be selective and share with the buyers best interest in mind. 

2. Find buyers who are already interested in the same item or style that you have available. Think of it as a direct marketing campaign, you have the ability to target your specific demographic; someone who has already liked a similar/the same item.

3. Search available listings for your item/similar items. Be as descriptive as possible. For example use the same brand, color, style, and size of what you have available in your closet. Sort by newest, open and find buyers who liked each item then direct share your item to them. They're fresh and looking for an item similar to the one they liked, use that to your advantage.

4. Follow and share anyone who likes or bundles an item from your closet. These are the buyers who are already interested in your closet. Connect with them while your closet is fresh in their minds. 

A few things you shouldn't do:

Don't share things that aren't in the buyers size, if you don't know ask or better yet look in their closet for their size. Don't share too soon, if someone liked your item yesterday don't share it to them today. If someone passes on your direct share do not share it to them again, they're not interested in the item. If they were they would have liked or bundled your item. 

These are my tips and observations so far, for day to day updates check out my Instagram story @OrnamentalStone.